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Three League of Legends Tips Every Gamer Needs to Know

League of Legends is one of the most popular free online team games on the market right now, and if that can only mean one thing: you've got some serious competition to deal with. If you want to get better at everyone's favorite DOTA-style game, then there are three League of Legends tips you need to know, above all else to guarantee your success.
  1. Map Awareness - Map awareness is absolutely critical to success in games like League of Legends because the team-based atmosphere and lane-control gameplay demand more coordination and situational awareness than most other games you may be familiar with. In LoL, it's always important to have a bead on where your teammates are, what their selected characters are capable of, and which opponent (if any) is currently missing from view.
If you don't have a strong idea of what your teammate's characters can do, and where they are positioned, then you may miss out on many easy kills, or even get yourself killed needlessly. This is especially true if you lurk too far away from the safety of your towers, and fail to account for the fact that there is a missing enemy roaming the map, quite possibly ready to ambush you from behind.
  1. Last Hitting - Last hitting is an interesting and effective game strategy that many players in the game today are seemingly oblivious to. The last-hitting simply means allowing the minion wave in your lane to do most or all of the damage to the minions of your opponent, with you only attacking the final blow for each minion in order to receive the bounty for the kill. This is an important strategy, because when done correctly not only will it allow you to farm money more successfully, but it will keep the minion wave from pushing too far to your opponent's tower, too quickly.
This is an integral concept to understand for your success, because keeping the minion wave further away from your opponent's tower, effectively means keeping it closer to your tower where it's safer for you. A safer lane experience means you're less likely to be ambushed from the jungle or other lanes, and it means a longer distance your opponents must run to safety if you decide to attack them. As a general rule of thumb, it's important to try to keep the minion wave close to your tower by last hitting until your team is strong enough to make a legitimate push for the tower.
  1. Role Definition - Knowing your role in League of Legends is one of the easiest, and yet one of the most oft-forgotten tips available. Knowing your role means understanding what objective your selected character should be fulfilling for the team, and working toward achieving that goal throughout the play. If you pick a character such as Amumu for example, your role is unquestionably to serve as a tank and initiator. Your objective should be to initiate team fights where possible, soak damage for your team, and if necessary, sacrifice yourself for your team's carry if you're positive you can save them when they would otherwise die.
The roles are expansive in League of Legends, so there should be plenty of different duties you can take on to fit your play style. A support character, for example, should focus on protecting and buffing integral allies during combat. If you're Janna for example, you will want to use your shield on your team's carry during combat, and save your Whirlwind or slow skill when necessary to prevent anyone from focusing down on your team's highest damage dealer. These, and other roles are all important to success in League of Legends, so do your best to identify what fits your character, and focus on fulfilling those duties.

Android RPG Games

Mobile phones have gotten fancier over the years. First, the developers added cameras, the internet and now most smartphones can now play video games. They're not budget games like Snake or Tetris either. Smartphones are able to play video games that have the same quality that portable gaming devices produce. One of the most recent smartphones released is Sony's Xperia Play. Xperia Play has been dubbed as the world's first PlayStation certified phone. Not only is it a phone, but it can double as a portable gaming device. The controls are very similar to Sony's other products such as the PSP and the PS3 controller just to name a few. This means you can finally play PlayStation-style video games with the comfort of a real control scheme. There is nothing more uncomfortable than playing games on your phone using the horrible numbered keypad. The most pleasant thing about the Xperia Play is that some PlayStation Classic games will be heading their way onto the system very soon. Although there have not been any RPG PlayStation games available yet, it's more than likely that Square Enix will release some of its Final Fantasy games onto the platform. Final Fantasy VII, VIII, and IX have all been ported to Sony's PlayStation Network. The thought of putting Final Fantasy VII (the most popular RPG ever made) on the Xperia Play could help Sony take hold of the market dominated mostly by Apple. Zenonia 2 is an old-school 16-Japanese RPG much like the older Final Fantasy games from the early '90s. The 2D graphics are cute and the game itself is one of the better RPGs available on Android phones. Although the game is heavily inspired by Japanese RPGs, it's actually made in Korea. Nevertheless, I'm sure it's a game RPG fans will love playing. Gurk is a game that will be liked by gamers who grew up in the '80s. It's an old-school style video game that is only a mere 100KB to download. Despite Gurk's very old style of graphics, it's still in color and a blast to play. There are 24 levels in all and a total of 23 monsters for you to find and kill. Gurk won't be a game liked by modern gamers, but if you grew up playing the original Nintendo game system, you will fall in love with its old-school style of gameplay. Another RPG game available on Android phones is Dungeon Defenders: First Wave. The game is an online cooperative action-RPG much like Torchlight and Baldur's Gate. The game is free to download for most phones. The graphics are in full 3D and looks stunning for a game that costs nothing to download. Up to four players can play together online. It may be cliche and borrows elements from most other RPG games, however its visuals and multiplayer is what makes it quite fun. Whether you own an Xperia Play or not, there are tons of RPG games to explore on Android phones. Quite a few of them are free to download, so there's no excuse for you not to play any of the games here on offer. Let's hope Square Enix brings more Final Fantasy games to the Android market as that will certainly boost the popularity of the genre.

What’s Up With PlayStation 4

Back in the day, computer games were plain and had low-quality graphics and animation. However, computer technology advanced so quickly that games became more sophisticated and refined. Gaming consoles have improved sound and video quality. PlayStation enthusiasts can prove how technology has changed the way people play games. Creators of game consoles do not stop with their latest additions. The PlayStation 4 is one of the upcoming game consoles that are creating a buzz in the market now. With the new game consoles nowadays, it is possible to pretend that you are looking at realistic images of the characters in the game. Players also have taken advantage of the greater flexibility of today's gaming consoles. One of the top companies that manufacture gaming devices is Sony. This multimillionaire company is known for its excellent graphics and sound technology with its high-tech televisions, laptops, digital cameras, and camcorders which are also popular in the "games" market. Since Sony released the new PlayStation, it has since then become popular in the market. PS4 is the latest addition in the PlayStation series. The early promotions for PS4 have circled around the assumption that it will provide an excellent gaming experience to buyers. However, it has to be understood that people have to try the product before making judgments. By this time, there will be too much anticipation, as reports about possible features the new PlayStation has been all over the place. Customers will now have their expectations. These bits of information may have been leaked by the game developers, who are still currently working on the release of the game console later this year. However, this might cause a little inconvenience to those who have purchased the PlayStation 3 because they might not have yet used the latest existing PlayStation model to the fullest. But since fanatics are loyal addicts and cannot wait, many may have already made reservations on the latest model. Pre-ordering may be a good idea if you are a carefree consumer. The others should be careful, though especially considering the fact that the upcoming PlayStation may be sold at a very expensive price. Nonetheless, without analyzing too much, one can say that the PS4 is going to be a highly sophisticated gaming device. Reports say that developers have integrated the game console with an advanced graphics chip and processor. The PS4 is also said to be equipped with HDMI port so playing games is possible with high-definition television, which only enhances the playtime experience. Reports also say that it will be equipped with a flashcard reader and an upgradeable hard drive. These new features are expected to take the PlayStation 4 games further, but it seems as if it's still too early to tell. However, you may still be able to play PS2 and PS3 games on the console because of the so-called backward compatibility feature. Sony will actually release two configurations of the PS4 - the basic and premium. Of course, the latter does have more advanced specifications. Such differences will affect the price too. Buying a gaming console is considered by some as a waste of money, but for game lovers, it is a fine investment as people by them to enjoy and have fun. These devices are perfect to beat the boredom since hardly anyone gets bored when playing games. Playing games is also a good father-son bonding moment.

Epic Raiders Review – Just Another Multi-Character RPG

With great RPG success with sequels like Zenonia and ILLUSIA, GAMEVIL is here to entice their fans with more role-playing action. It is nearly impossible not to be reminded of Battleheart while battling through the campaign; however, GAMEVIL has more up its sleeves to make this game hard to miss. Epic Raiders has incorporated a mutli-class strategy into its battle system, allowing players to configure a 4-men team before attempting each daunting level. Players start off with a classic tanker-healer combination before recruiting more versatile characters with coins or premium credits. Each character comes with a unique set of skills where players can choose which skills to perfect based on the desired role players assign to their characters. This exponentially diversifies the permutation of possible team dynamics. Non-skill centric upgrades are available by spending real cash giving your characters both visual and attribute boosts. Being transparent about the upgrades makes the deal very hard to resist, especially for RPG fans that will most likely spend beyond 10 hours on this game. Strong peripheral motivation can be expected from the catchy tune and well-polished graphics. Battling through increasingly challenging stages, players are promised EXP and gold, with amounts dependent on completion. Controls were substantially refined, although I did have my fair share of selecting the wrong characters by accident. The issue arises when you command your party to a single action, which is a pretty common command to use. The strategy is an obvious element in this game; however, it can easily be overlooked if your character were clad with charming equipment attained from micro-transactions. To balance out between pure F2P players and players who are willing to fork out cash is something Epic Raiders need to work on. Even so, players who are for freemium play will find the stages well crafted to match their growth. The level designers at GAMEVIL had perfected the art of creating levels challenging enough to keep players intensely engaged and also manageable enough to reinforce players' mastery. Epic Raiders supports PVP that requires players to use dungeon coupons in order to slug it out with teams orchestrated by another player. The combat, however, is controlled by Artificial Intelligence. Killer-class gamers may feel disgruntled by as such mechanism cripples social bragging since the performance of their opponents depended on programmed limitations. Hand to heart, I have pondered over the value proposition of having such a PVP system and could only derive with a weak reason that players may want to find out how their setup performs against another player. Then again, this is a self-defeating proposition considering that the meaningless PVP system ultimately makes Epic Raiders purely PVE. To sum things up, this game is a great companion if you have to travel alone for 5-7 hours and didn't feel like reading. Though it is very likely that you will enjoy the game even without spending any money, premium content is still strongly recommended. One thing that Epic Raiders has to work on is the relevance of the PVP mechanics. Having computer-controlling opposition just wouldn't cut it for hot-blooded players who are all out to triumph against others. Verdict: Great interface and well-structured levels mitigated the notoriously vicious learning curve for those who are trying multi-class strategy RPG for the first time. Though the experience wasn't epic, it was a pleasurable stint.

Getting the Best Graphic Card

The Fundamentals of Graphic Card Revealed

You pick the card, pick the amount of cards, and select where you would like them shipped to. Though you might have your credit card intact in your wallet, you cannot really shake away the notion that someone and somewhere on the Internet may have nabbed your charge card info. Instead, concentrate on the particular cards you wish to knock out. Selecting a graphic card is a really challenging endeavor to determine the best one when you have lots and tons of alternatives. Deciding on the proper gaming graphics card inside your budget isn't a simple task particularly for new buyers as almost all computer parts there are offered in a great deal of models with assorted specifications. On-line slots usually contain as many as five reels. Some video cards are integrated in the motherboard and a few are externally linked to the computer. Selecting a video card for your computer may be an overwhelming task especially that there are many choices out there. Graphics card for gamingThere are unique graphics card for unique uses. The graphics card ought to be changed if it provides an inadequate performance or whether you would like more speed alternatives for the computer games. If you wish to find a graphics card in a timely fashion, you'll most likely be made to pay even higher prices to internet resellers. Be sure you might have the best graphics credit card that the game demands.  

The New Fuss About Graphic Card

If your computer process is relatively quite old, then it's very likely it has a PCI slot. Besides downloading it mistakenly, there are several different ways in order for it to get within a computer system. For instance you can build a computer system. The ideal thing, if we're starting, is to have a very simple software. Based on your profession, you are going to have to find the crucial software. So before you download the next computer repair software you wish to be certain you know what's wrong with your system so that you may download the ideal cure for it. A computer can never truly replace the demand for a writing pad. If your computer is experiencing a spyware attack, there's no quantity of antivirus software that will repair it, and no quantity of registry repair will ensure it is function the direction you would like it to. You will require a computer that will support the several software necessary for your work. You may also attempt using different strategies to speedup your PC. If you prefer to install any of them in another computer, you'll need that info. The computer can't be turn on. The exact same thing applies to your PC. Depending on your preference, you may make all designers who participate in your contest agree to the NDA. Whether you're a freelance graphic designer or a writer, it will become crucial that you publicize your work to your intended audience. The graphics provided by each game differs from 1 software company to the next. The game includes quests for each and every level, and as soon as you complete them you can apps some really slot on-line rushmore casino machines video poker games Nanjing and Dragons. The card game is going to have some microtransactions that are made to sap gamers' money. Green, there are a number of on-line kinds of book games and events offered for betting.